You’ve always heard that everything requires effort.

Let us rephrase that: you can change the world by doing nothing.

Nothing more than drinking a good beer, of course.

The challenge

To create a new identity based on the brand’s purpose but easy to connect with a target audience not very used to engage in charitable causes.


The solution


“I want to change the world, not my habits”. This insight let us work a brand story that revolves around the idea of changing the world by doing what you like the most: organizing BBQs, watching something on Netflix or reading a book. We also added an irreverent brand personality that promotes an activism born from pleasure.




With this premise, we came up with the name “Brebel”, a combination of the words “brewing” and “rebel”. The value proposition we created is “Brewing the Change”, which also works as the brand’s tagline.


Regarding the beer’s label, we put the purpose first, even before the brand’s identity, and we reinforced its character with a robust font specially created for the brand, as well as an isotype that represents the brand¡s will to go forth and break walls.

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