European Dancehouse Network


We created a fluid brand that reflects new ways to cooperate

and express yourself artistically. An identity that shamelessly dances any rhythm.

The challenge

To create an identity that expresses the brand’s main values and represents its dynamism, which makes hundreds of artists come together under a common goal: to promote the development of dancing as an art and its diversity in society.


The solution


Our proposal was born with the restyling of the logo of EDN (European Dance Network) and continues until the creation of a totally new visual identity.


The brand’s minimum expression is made of three letters: EDN. Each of them is placed in an enclosed, but elastic, space, so it can grow and evolve in any graphic channel to reinforce the “Dancehouse” concept.


This graphic approach, synthetic and institutional, respects and coexists with other dancehouse identities, while creating its own dancehall.

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