It’s never too late to engage with your audience.

To understand them, throw them a bone and give them

what they really expect from you. Even if your product

is something as unsexy as clumping cart litter.

The challenge

To add emotion to a brand from a cold industry with

a traditionally product-centric communication.


The solution


Tapping into the insight “cleaning my cat’s litter is the worst thing about living with them”, we created a brand that stands with consumers and try to make their lives easier to spend more time doing what really matters: giving their cat some love.


This idea is summed up in the brand’s tagline “Inteligentemente práctica” (“Smartly practical”, in English), which highlights the product’s clumping properties, as well as in the brand’s name, “Gatuna”, which in Spanish means “related to cats” and “witty”.




To engage emotionally with our target audience, we created a storytelling that speak to and empathizes with them. Besides, the packaging highlights the connection between a cat and their owner. Thanks to a fresh and modern look & feel, our proposal is as far away from the cold and technologic style from the competitors as it can be.

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