Go to the supermarket’s pet food section, pick any product and read its ingredients.

If you can identify more than 7, you’re a pro.

If you know all of them, you’re probably working in the industry.

The challenge

To rebrand Gosbi and elevate their quality products’ perception, showing a brand without a secret formula, just the best ingredients.


The solution


The insight, “I’m not entirely sure of what I’m feeding my pet”, allowed us to create an identity capable of expressing the brand’s transparency and their commitment to real food. This is a project consisting of more than 100 design pieces that share an idea: to remove all the superficial elements and explain clearly what the products are made of.





While the competitors saturate their packagings, Gosbi products attract consumers thanks to a clean facing. And, in a second phase, they convince them thanks to the packaging’s back, where the recipe’s ingredients are displayed in a clear and visual way.


We also established the brand’s architecture, organizing its products and creating a clear hierarchy for its ranges. This helped them not only to go to new markets, but also to create products from new sectors, like animal hygiene and resting.

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