The real estate industry has not been able to recover itself from the reputation hit it suffered after being directly blamed for the ferocity of the Spanish crisis of 2008. But can we prove that not all the companies are the same?

The challenge

To create a new brand that reflect’s its close
and personal treatment.


The solution


We knew that in order to differentiate our client from its competitors, we had to reject the sector’s conventions. To create the anti-real estate developer. With this idea, we proposed a brand that wants to lose some time with its clients. A brand that will pay them a coffee. A brand with a living room, not a waiting room. Or a brand that goes the extra mile to know what its customers need instead of offering them any random house.




This kind of attention, friendly and close, was translated to the value proposition “La inmobiliaria que hace hogar” (highlighting its housewarming personality), the name “Hogarea” and a brand experience based on friendliness towards customers.


Regarding the visual identity, we created a kind brand with an informal twist, which can be seen in its logo, its photographic style and the colour palette.


We helped build Hogarea to create a new way of selling and buying houses. Or, rather, homes.

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