Every business needs to grow, but, what does “grow” mean?

Menjares, a school catering company, is the perfect excuse to give this verb a new meaning, put people right at the middle of the business and offer them a better service.

The challenge

To build a value proposition beyond the ingredients’ quality and origin, engaging with its audience and convincing both kids and adults.


The solution


The tagline “Ser petits ens fa grans” (“Being little makes us big” in Catalan) is a proposal for Menjares to lead in a different way. Growing is not a way to increase in quantity, but in qualitiy, by reinvesting all the resources in just a fistful of schools in order to offer a better and better service.




Through the visual identity we created a fantasy imaginary seen through a kid’s eyes. This idea helped us come up with a logo inspired by the typical alphabet soup eaten by every child. A world full of possibilities and adventures, which at the same time links the brand with the world of food.


We also created an illustrated visual system that displays healthy ingredients and that uses imagination as its main asset. It’s what allowed us to create a rocket out of a carrot to travel the space or to turn a banana into a slide.

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