Are zoos necessary?

Do they need to rethink their model to adapt

to the current science and ethics?

ZOOXXI answers these and other questions in order

to determine what the future of zoos will look like.

The challenge

To create an identity that allows the brand to create communication pieces in an easy and affordable price, taking into account it’s a charitable and social campaign.


The solution


We created a graphic universe that gives the communication department a wide range of graphic resources for the brand to express in any channel it needs in a very simple way.


But this is not a very-easy-to-implement visual identity. Thanks to its geometry, we also made it very recognizable and gave it enough personality to lead a change of paradigm that will help thousands of animals around the world.




Regarding the brand’s logo, we went beyond aesthetics and function, embedding it with symbolism. Thanks to ZOOXXI, animals discover freedom through zoos, institutions that stop using animals for their benefit and start promoting their protection and rights.

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